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Your Path To Naples begins at your nearest tryout.

In most areas multiple tryouts are held in order to determine the very best and most competitive selection of players for every team.


The bracket selection show is filmed and released to the nation at the end of September.

Matchups are selected through a random draw. Every selection is filmed in front of a live television audience.


Super regionals kick off the tournament Thanksgiving Weekend at locations across the U.S.

Regional champions punch their tickets to Championship Week in beautiful Naples, Florida for the chance to win a ring.


Quarters, semis, and final rounds take place during Championship Week in Naples, Florida.

But there’s more than football – Naples and its Paradise Coast are the perfect host for off-field family fun in winter sun.

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Player Certification
Financial Contributions

The average family will spend $150 for National Championship participation, inclusive but not limited to tryouts and team fees. This is not equal across the board and may not reflect your total spend. This average also does not include travel costs to regional rounds and Championship Week in Naples, Florida.

Player Selection

Players are selected based on multiple factors, one of which is not politics. In order to be considered for a National Championship team, players must attend a tryout or in some cases every tryout for that team. A player’s performance during the previous season carries some weight in the selection process as well.

Opening Rounds

› Ticket prices, book check and hotel locations, and 2018 schedule coming soon.

Championship Week

› Ticket prices, hotel locations, and 2018 Championship Week schedule coming soon.

Athletes can be associated with any youth football organization – whether private, regional or national (Pop Warner, AYF, AAU, UYFL, etc.).

There are no weight restrictions.

Eligible football players must be in either grade 6, 7, or 8 during the fall of the school year during the current duration of the National Championship tournament in question. To verify, a signed report card (or standard equivalent) must be provided during team registration prior to round one.

6th-graders can not turn 13 years-old before August 1 of the current tournament year.

7th-graders can not turn 14 years-old before August 1 of the current tournament year.

8th-graders can not turn 15 years-old before August 1 of the current tournament year.

The FBU National Championship tournament and its teams and brackets are age and grade-based. Tournament player qualification rules are set and establish the equality of play for all athletes.

Safety of the athletes that participate in our tournament is paramount above and beyond all else: the age and grade qualifications ensure a level playing field and is meant to reduce the risk of injury.

Unfortunately, these age and grade regulations will exclude a small number of players. That said, improving the safety and age equality of the National Championship tournament can not be overlooked and executing an excellent event for all involved is our main priority.

Official tournament rules and regulations can be read here.
Only Wilson-branded TDJ or higher for 6th and 7th-grade games.

Only Wilson-branded TDY or higher for 8th-grade games.

Teams are required to play with the above football regulations in every round of the FBU National Championship tournament, with no exceptions.

Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a team monetary penalty for a rule violation.

Teams are encouraged to bring their own balls for tournament play. FBU will provide one Wilson TDJ ball and one Wilson TDY ball at each game.